Distinguish stainless steel and cold-rolled steel


Hot rolled coil is processed through the rolling process, usually at temperatures above 1000 degrees to create the end product of the hot rolling process. Finished products may be material manufacturing process next coil as billet, beams (re-bar to produce, rod) or as raw material for the production of cold rolled stainless steel such as steel coils, steel plates ( cold rolled sheet metal to the thinner)


Hot rolled steel used to do

Process HRC created to cater for the car industry and roofing. But also from the production temperature 100-300do

Cold rolled steel

The process of cold rolled stainless steel is done at lower temperatures, and sometimes close to room temperature. The production process cold rolled steel makes steel structures become stiffer and stronger. Cold rolling process in principle does not change the physical structure of stainless steel, it just distorts. However, the rolling process of cold stamping should be strictly controlled so as not to create too big momentum uncontrolled deform causing broken, cracked surface. Eg stainless steel plate stamping method angled shape deformation often causes cracks in the corners / edges finished and the area is often not given the structure welded and mechanical material altered

Usually in cold rolling operation process, people often use the dedicated solution for “cooling” during the production process, in order to control the temperature and maintain the stainless steel does not change the physical structure inside .

  1. Stainless steel coil 304, 316l
  2. Link: https://sites.google.com/view/stainless-steel

About finished: two processes for the finished products with different surface colors. The color of finished CR is smooth and gray (like corrugated steel sheets). Hot rolled product has blue-gray rough surface (such as embryos, HRC)

About Tolerance: The process of hot-rolled material will have more tolerance because in the process of stainless steel products are hot and cools itself will not control the deformation sequence.

Meanwhile, cold rolled products processing more accurately because it has gone through the process of cooling and therefore more accurate to size of the finished product.

Bottom line is, when the stainless steel is heated to melt, they can be put into molds to form various shapes. This allows the production of steel I, H, rebar, rails and other structures and during hot rolling. Cold rolled steel in several shapes limited mainly flat-rolled sheet (hot rolled production by ultra-thin foil is impossible), the more the circle, square and high achievement is the ability to back out finished the straight, smooth surfaces with tolerances can more closely control

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